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Weekly Gaming News Recap – Press Start

Hello people of the internet! This week we’ve got new game releases, Microsoft and Sega’s “gaming alliance”,
a new trailer dropped for Battlefield 2042 Portal mode, a little bit of… Skyforge? and of course the recent announcement for Star Ocean,
the divine force. Welcome to Press Start, a weekly gaming news recap series featuring latest releases, what’s going on in the industry and more!

Starting off with my top picks for this weeks game releases.

Knockout City
Knockout City is essentially dodgeball on steroids. Originally releasing on PC back in May 2021, Knockout city pits you and your team
in 3v3, 4v4 or Free For All matches against other players in a matchmaking environment. The fast paced gameplay and graphics style is a bit reminiscent
to S4 league from wayyyyy back in the day. Knockout city was released on PS5 and Xbox Series X
this past November 02.

World War Z
The Nintendo Switch just got even gorier with World War Z’s release on November 02. World War Z is a frantic 3rd person zombie shooter based on the movie
of the same name starring Brad Pitt which is also based on the titular books written by Max Brooks. Whew! If you like zombie mountains and killing zombies
in zombie mountains, this game is for you. Available now on Nintendo Switch.

Bloodshore is a strange title that brings us back to the days of FMV gaming, because that’s this whole game. Marketing itself as an interactive movie,
bloodshore is a single player experience with questionable acting and campy effects. It’s sure to be an interesting experience, to say the least.
Bloodshore releases on pretty much everything on November 03.

Call of duty: Vanguard
No game release list would be complete without talking about the biggest, most anticipated release of the week. That’s right, I’m talking about
Om Nom: Run which is set to release on Nintendo Switch this Friday, November 05.

Wait a minute… Something else is releasing that day. OH RIGHT! Call of Duty Vanguard also releases on Friday. I can’t say much else about it aside
from it’s a new call of duty, we’ve all played or at least heard of the series at this point. Call of duty vanguard is also available this Friday,
November 05.

A longer list for all of this weeks game releases can be found on GamingLatest.com.

Microsoft and Sega announce cloud gaming alliance
This past Monday, Sega announced they are ‘exploring’ a cloud gaming alliance with Microsoft in an effort to bring more titles to the cloud gaming initiative.
Microsoft currently has cloud gaming available via Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox consoles.

“By working with Microsoft to anticipate such trends as they accelerate further in future, the goal is to optimise development processes and continue to bring high-quality experiences to players using Azure cloud technologies,” – Sega

Not many further details were given. The partnership deals with SEGA communicating with Microsoft, using its cloud-based
Microsoft Azure service to assist with the development of the company’s future titles. According to Windows Central, SEGA “has been a tremendous partner”
to Microsoft according to the company’s vice president, and it’s looking forward to “creating unique gaming experiences using Microsoft cloud technologies”
alongside its new partner.

Battlefield 2042: Portal Trailer
A new trailer dropped for Battlefield 2042’s Portal Mode, which allows players to create and build battlefield maps and campaigns any-way they choose.
The new trailer is a showcase of maps from older battlefield titles, and well… see for yourself.

Battlefield 2042 will release on November 19, if you have EA Play or Xbox Game pass you can play a 10 hour Trial start on November 12.
If you have pre-ordered the gold or ultimate editions, the game will be available to play in it’s entirety on the 12th instead. I’m not sure how
I feel about this business model, but I’m excited about the game either way.

Skyforge Heart of Steel update
Remember the Sci-fi MMORPG Skyforge that released in 2017? Well, as it turns out. It’s still around, and getting updates! The Heart of Steel update
is a continuation of the on-going terra storyline bringing with it two new dungeons and a new PVP arena to boot. If you want to check out skyforge’s
heart of steel update.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force
Square-Enix announced the return of the Star Ocean sci-fi RPG series this past week with Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Set to release in 2022 for
PC, Xbox One and Series X and Playstation 4/5. Star Ocean: The Divine Force tells the story of Raymond, a spaceship captain who (in true JRPG fashion)
weilds a massive greatsword. And… Laeticia?

Square Enix describes Laeticia as “the princess-knight of a kingdom on an underdeveloped planet.”. The divine force aims to blend both sci-fi and fantasy
style RPG’s utilizing a dual-protaganist system which allows you to play as both of the aforementioned characters. For gameplay, Square Enix says the
divine force will feature “the fastest and strongest action of any game” in the star ocean franchise.

In the trailer, characters can be seen flying and moving in full 360 degree environments, indicating some aspects might be of the “open world” variety.
There is a track record with some games in the series, especially the most recent ones, not exactly being up to par with the community. Scenes in the
trailer can also be seen with inconsistent frame rates, more than likely due to it being early gameplay footage with little to no optimization.
With the information we have so far though, the divine force at least looks promising.

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