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Minecraft’s largest update – How it changes everything.

Minecraft’s 1.18 update is coming later this year and the community is hyped! The update will change the way the overworld looks from the surface down the bottom, with massive mountains, to jaw-dropping caves!

Minecraft has been killing it so far with it’s amazing updates. And with part 2 of the Caves and Cliffs update coming later this year, it may change the way you see and play the game. From changes with the world-generation to adding new biomes (and a potential, terrifying mini-boss). This clearly takes the dub as the best update so far.

Mojang’s decision on releasing the update in two parts may have been a disappointment to hear at first. But with the update right around the corner, the wait may have been worth it for what’s coming.

The caves will be completely different, as bedrock is now deeper. Cave layers will also generate in 2 layers of stone bases depending on the depth, with stone at Y=0 and under, and deepslate completely replacing stone under Y=-8. Old caves won’t be removed but will be improved to blend with in with the newer generations better.

In previous versions, caves consisted of different carvers, such as small caves, medium caves, deep pits, and etc. But in the new update, Minecraft will use noise generators to create massive caves named Noise Caves.

Noise caves will come in three forms, which are “cheese”, “spaghetti”, and “noodle”. Cheese caves have stone towers stretching from the cave surface to the top, Spaghetti caves are long and thin caves that are more similar to the original caves, and Noodle caves will be thinner variants of spaghetti caves. Longer and rarer ore formations will also be added.

The new mountains will also come in 6 sub-biomes, called “Meadow”, “Grove”, “Snowy Slopes”, “Jagged Peaks”, “Frozen Peaks”, and “Stone Peaks”. These new mountains are gigantic compared to the previous ones and will resemble actual mountains more.

A new disc called “Otherside” will be added, made by the same person who did Pigstep. Pigstep is such an amazing song so we clearly know what to expect here.

Other than world changes, a new mini-boss might be added in the update called “The Warden”. This boss is terrifying as it is not meant to be defeated, but to be avoided.

For now, you can play the latest snapshot which has the 1.18 at development. If you don’t know what snapshots are, they are basically a way for the developers to give players a taste of what the final update will be like. It’s still buggy however because it’s only a version meant for testing.

All in all, this update is the biggest we will be getting so far. I and the community still wonder what the next update after Caves and Cliffs will be like, will it beat 1.18 in terms of content? Only Mojang can tell.

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